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“Advancing Food Safety: Workshop on Detection Methods and Control Strategies for Animal Viruses” – On November 27, 2021, the Food Hygiene and Safety Research Group, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Vietnam University of Agriculture, organized a workshop focused on viruses causing diseases in animals and their impact on food safety. Distinguished participants from various sectors, including experts, researchers, lecturers, and students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, attended the event.


Assoc. Prof. Bui Tran Anh Dao, Head of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, delivered the opening speech, emphasizing the growing global demand for animal-origin food and the challenges posed by the emergence of wild and zoonotic animal diseases. These challenges lead to economic losses, impacts on biosecurity, food safety, and broader environmental and social consequences, necessitating heightened preparedness, detection, and response to epidemics.


During the workshop, experts presented research on various detection methods, such as the TISH method for detecting PRRS in pigs, the LAMP isothermal gene amplification method for diagnosing acute diarrhea in pigs, and the duplex PCR multi-primer technique to identify Parvovirus and Circovirus in ducks. Additionally, there were discussions on hepatitis E virus in pigs in Vietnam. The workshop also covered the development and production of an inactivated oil-emulsion vaccine against Newcastle disease and addressed the risk of bovine cholera in Vietnam.


List of Workshop Presentations:

Identification of  PRRS virus  by TISH methodDr. Nguyen Thi Trang
The study of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) on pigs in Vietnam


Dr. Dao Duy Tung

(National Institute of Veterinary Health)

Development of LAMP isothermal gene amplification method for application in rapid diagnosis of acute diarrhea in PED pigsDr. Mai Thi Ngan
Application of duplex PCR multi-priming technique to simultaneously identify Parvovirus and Circovirus in ducks raised in Hanoi in 2021Dr. Dong Van Hieu
Research on producing Newcastle disease oil-emulsion inactivated vaccine from field strains in Vietnam.


Dr. Trinh Quang Dai

(Central Veterinary Medicine JSC No. 5)


Risk of Bovine Cholera in Vietnam


TS. Vu Thi Thu Tra

The workshop was successfully organized while opening up opportunities for collaboration in research for experts inside and outside the university.