Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The lucky cat escapes from the noose of the hijackers

Surely after escaping death, this boy was very scared. The neck string is still there for a long time but the size of the neck is bigger, making the rope tighten. Life pushed that boy to wander in Doi Can, where that cat was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Thu Le. Every day she would feed him, see the danger in his neck but she could not do anything because she could not approach him so she called to our rescue team.
Arriving at the center, he was still very shy. We cut the tightening rope around his neck but my hands were trembling, my mouth was muttering: “Be very careful, very careful”. The fixed member let me breath out: “Luckily we have not touched his neck” “. Deep scratches necrotic the skin around the neck to reveal the muscles around the neck. Twenty stitches.
Hope that the love of our team and everyone will fill the heart of lack of affection so that we can be closer and more sociable. Lang will be a brave boy.
Many people share to those who have ever stole dogs and cats to see so have little compassion for these little animals. They can also be friends