Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Isn’t the scene cat a luxury??

When talking about foreign cats like British Shorthair, Persian cat or Scottish cat, we often think of plump, lovely cats with smooth and shiny fur, always pampered and hugged. But… Can you imagine this is a Lilac short haired British cat??

                                                         Imagie of Lilac cat

The baby was rescued from a sniffled nose due to respiratory disease and fibrous fur, with many fleas. We have shaved off the hair to treat baby fungus and flea bites. The kitten cat look so cute. Not only that, the baby cat also has coccidiosis, mycoplasma and blood parasites. Currently to ensure the health of the cats, we always have to wear special gloves when touching the baby, although we want to cuddle and caress so we hope the cats are strong to cope with disease.