Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


1.   Target

The university quickly approaches the world’s advanced education and science and technology to improve the quality and performance of training, science and technology; update and develop training programs and methods of teaching and scientific research according to regional and international standards; produce highly competitive human resources, meeting international integration requirements; enhance cooperation to develop managers, lecturers, and supportive staff; contribute to perfecting management model, improving governance capacity; and strengthen facilities for the university.

2.   The main solutions

i. Develop and implement the long-term, medium-term and short-term international cooperation plans of the university; complete the regulation on the management of international cooperation activities to encourage and facilitate all the units/individuals to participate in international cooperation activities.

ii. Expand the scale of foreign training; step up training cooperation with foreign countries in parallel with the monitoring of quality assurance; periodically carry out quality accreditation of training programs. Expand and develop overseas and domestic internship programs.

iii. Promote international joint projects on training, science and technology and social services; Coordinate with relevant ministries, departments, agencies to effectively implement international cooperation activities; actively participate in international cooperation programs at central and local levels.

iv. Enhance seeking exchange scholarships for staff and students.

v. Increase staff and student exchange with regional and international academic institutions and universities.

vi. Regularly organize and create conditions for officials and learners to participate in international conferences and seminars on education, training and scientific research; participate in regional and international educational, scientific, networking, forums and professional associations.

vii. Establish library links, promote scientific information exchange and international publications.

viii. Strengthen foreign language capacity for staff and students; cooperate in development and implementation of professional training programs in English with the participation of foreign lecturers.

ix. Promote international marketing and promotion activities.

(Extracted from the Development Strategy of Vietnam National University of Agriculture to 2030, a vision to 2050)