Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Huong Duong, the powerful little cat

“What’s wrong with a cat in front of me? What happened to you? Then how are you going to get through???” – that’s what anyone says when they see you.

She was rescued by us on the morning of 02/11. She was left in a state where her ears were inflamed, torn, rotted and ulcerated all the way to her skull, her blood clots hardened, and her mouth was also scratched and deeply ulcerated. Everyone looks at me in pain, I love you so much!
First of all, because the economic conditions of the station were not good, I was temporarily sent to the toilet. Her wounds were very deep and her muscles were damaged a lot. My ears are almost about to tear off.

Looking into her eyes, we felt like we were asking for help from her. We named her Sunflower, with the expectation that she would be persistent and strong to heal this wound.
Next time will be a very difficult and painful time for me. The station will always be with me and hope that everyone will accompany and support me so that I can be treated in the best way.
Sunflower tried.