Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Effect of vaginal discharge in sows on diarrhea in sucking piglets

The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of postparturient vaginal discharge in sows on the diarrhea in sucking piglets. In total, 67 sows and 762 sucking piglets of Landrace x Yorkshire breed were enrolled in this study. Duration of postparturient vaginal discharge (PVD), the postfarrowing timepoint at which a litter had the first diarrhea piglet(s), the duration of diarrhea in a litter and the proportion of diarrhea piglets ina litter were monitored and recorded. Piglets were divided into 2 groups: piglets raised by sows with aPVD <5 days (short PVD), and piglets raised by sows with a PVD ≥5 days (long PVD). Outcome variables in two groups of piglets were compared by using t-test. Results showed that proportion of dirrahea in long PVD group tended to be higher than that in the short PVD group (62.6±29.1 vs 46.2±16.3%, P=0.082). The piglets in the long PVD group acquired diarrhea significantly earlier than those in the short PVD group (8.6±4.2 vs 12.6±5.2, P=0.001). However, PVD did not influence the diarrhea duration of litters (P=0.38). The present study showed that long PVD posed piglets to early diarrhea and tended to increase the proportion of diarrhea piglets. Therefore, long PVD/postparturient metritis must be carefull monitored and treated and hygience in nursing crates must be ensured to reduce the effect of those disorders on diarrhea in sucking piglets.

Nguyen Hoai Nam

FVM-Vietnam National University of Agriculture