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A historical journey has passed, 64 years the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established and developed. In addition to the achievements in teaching and scientific research, teachers in our department also have very daily concerns, about practical needs in life, joys and sorrows needed. sharing together. At the same time, we also have activities to contribute to sharing with the less fortunate in society, in the hope of making them less materially deprived and wishing to bring them joy and faith. about brotherhood, fellow countrymen. Those are the highlights of the trade union activities of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Vietnam National University of Agriculture for many years.

With that spirit, we have shared the pain when teachers have relatives as life partners, parents are gone forever, sharing the pain of loss and shouldering less worries. Then there were also our respected teachers and aunts who passed away one by one, besides the pain, we joined hands to see them off to eternity in a full and meaningful way. Then every year, on the occasion of Thanh Minh, we and the students in the faculty together visit the grave to remember the teachers of many generations who have passed away.

The achievements in life, in labor, in study, in the career of cultivating people and in scientific activities of many teachers have come to fruition. The joy from diplomas, degrees, certificates of merit, medals, a new house, the birth of a child… to the teachers as well as to the faculty, in that common joy, we joined hands to get gifts that are both practical and meaningful about solidarity.

We not only think about ourselves, but we also have poor and difficult students, in addition to society, there are also pitiful circumstances and need to share. The heart is not lacking but the funds are limited. We wish to obtain funds from collective activities to make charity activities more meaningful. The faculty union built the first stone for that idea, and then many stones continued to be laid and finally we collectively formed the model:

Achievements in teaching, scientific research, technology transfer, learning to improve qualifications, seem to make our teachers older than their age. But not so, we are very young. On stage, we can transform into a Thi Sach with a proud death posture, or a To Dinh trying to escape, a soldier who died on the battlefield, or an old mother whose child is a martyr. , a man painting a spring painting or a girl singing next to a yellow apricot branch… we all performed well.

We are, can not say, 64 years – a long way, many generations of teachers and students have passed. The past is the echo, the present the encouraging achievements, the future a tireless follow-up.

An affirmation that has always been true in the past 64 years to end this article: “The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a united and full of strength group”.

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